Chipmunk Speed

Practice makes perfect



I am loving the feedback and response to Yellow but it won’t surprise you to know, that the response (while positive!) has made me feel contemplative. The rapidity with which people are subjected to new music worries me. How will our new work cut through the noise? How will we make anything stick? Will this album, the TV show and graphic novel campaigns help us reach new people? Is that the goal? Touring has become so expensive, and competitive, that I’ve wondered if we will indeed remain a “touring band.” It feels like a lot of pressure to put on an album of songs, in a time where quantity dominates quality. Should we already be thinking about what comes next musically? Solo albums? Features? Remixes? Head spinning.

I have always felt that our best work must be planted, and nurtured. Patience, has always been our strength. First singles on previous albums didn’t alway perform as we’d hoped, and it was sometimes a second or even third single that bloomed. I want for us what I’ve always wanted and that is time to meaningfully connect with our audience, and share a new story. October felt like a lifetime away, but, as we prepare for tour (vocal lessons, rehearsals, a full reboot of our operation) I’m growing anxious and excited for what now feels right around the corner.


PS: Learning the song at chipmunk speed was a wonderful technique to memorize the lyrics, as it forced me to use muscle memory. I am considering running speed drills for the rest of the set list to prepare for tour.

You can stream Yellow, watch the video, and pre-order our new album Crybaby, now.