Jul 29, 2022 • 14M

Just Under The Surface

Snorkel much?

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Summer’s here and for the third one in a row, we’re not on tour.  I know how I’ll fill my time: reading on the deck, hiking, BBQing in the evenings, making smores, sleeping in (as if Georgia will let me). But I’ve been wondering about swimming more.  As kids, we spent summer in the plastic pool in the backyard; as teenagers we’d take the bus to the river and swim with our friends; and when I first moved to Vancouver in the summer of 1999, I swam in English Bay every single day to the horror of my new friends, who claimed the water there was filthy.

Our first pool! Tegan (R), Sara (L).

I’ve always loved swimming, though I am averse to bathing suits, but I’ve done little of it in recent years.  Perhaps these two things are connected, swimsuits, and swimming? Maybe this summer that should change.

Sara, Tegan at the Wave Pool in N.E. Calgary circa 88’. This is still how I we stand when wearing bathing suits.

There’s the lake less than ten minutes from me, where I took you last summer. I am making it a goal to go there at least a few times a week to cool off.  I have my new electric bike, so there’s no excuse not to go. 

Sara at the lake, Summer 2021.

I’ve also wondered about ordering some snorkels and fins.  The cove in front of our house is freezing; Sofia and I just paddleboard there.  But our neighbor snorkels regularly. I imagine there is much to see below the surface of the water. So I think I might try it.  Have you ever snorkeled?

Perfect cove for snorkeling? I’ll let you know!

The first time I went I was on the big island of Hawaii.  It was 2006, and you and I had just finished making The Con.  I flew to San Francisco from Vancouver, and then on to the Big Island with my then girlfriend. 

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