Apr 17, 2022 • 8M

Little Shop Of Horrors

Do You Want My Plants?

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Tegan and Sara correspond about art, music, life and process
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Hi everyone!

We’re going to try something new for all you lovely paid subscribers! We’re going to try and tell a story via text! I had to caption a little between texts, as they don’t capture the whole story. I know some people only listen to our posts, and so we also put together a radio show of sorts, with the actual people from the texts reading their own words!

For clarity I will outline the characters you’ll see in the texts:

Sara - my twin sister

Stacy - her wonderful partner

Sonia - my mom

Sofia - my wonderful partner

For the audio version you will hear them and me, and also Eric Edelstein - my wonderful actor friend - who agreed to read descriptions of the photos in the texts.

Some additional context before we start:

Sofia and I have a lot of plants. And before Christmas we started to see quite a few gnats on them and flying around in our apartment. I spiked bright yellow sticky paper in a dozen of the plants to capture the gnats and hoped for the best. Sofia and I went away for two months after Christmas, and these texts mostly took place during that time and immediately upon our return.

And now our story!


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