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A conversation with John Congleton about Crybaby


Hey everyone!

We hope you enjoy this video conversation we had with John Congleton recently!

John Congleton has produced some of our favourite albums and artists — from Cursive to Angel Olsen to Sleater Kinney to Death Cab For Cutie to Girl In Red to The Regrettes to Lucy Dacus to Regina Spektor to Erykah Badu and Goldfrapp. The list of music he’s contributed to is eclectic and magnificent and now we get to say he co-produced one of our albums! We couldn’t be more proud. 

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John doesn’t just produce, he writes, plays many instruments, engineers, mixes, and from what we experienced first hand, he cracks a lot of jokes. A LOT. Some days we worried the three of us might just talk through the entire session.  For us, working with John felt cathartic and inspired, and easy.  Like, really easy.  Stuff just…worked.  And the songs came to life so easily.  Art is hard (thank you Cursive) but it doesn’t have to be torture to be good. 

Me teaching John how to VR in the studio. Another spectacular use of our time.

We drove to Seattle on July 21st, 2021 to work on a handful of songs with John. A trial of sorts. We weren’t supposed to make an album. We just wanted to record some new music and see what happened next. By day two we were calling our management asking them to find time to record with John again.

Sara and John harmoniously making choices as a team behind my back.

We flew to LA two times in the fall to record more songs with John, eventually finishing twelve tracks that make up our tenth studio album Crybaby. The record is still a few months away, so we didn’t want to give up too many secrets, but we did want to share a conversation with John about working together with you all! Enjoy!

Tegan and Sara 

PS. If you have questions for John about co-producing Crybaby, leave them in the comments. Maybe we’ll try and get him to answer a few for a future post!

New duo alert! Sara-John!