Jul 24 • 14M

Questions for Tegan from Sara

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Here are a few questions I thought might inspire some interesting answers.


1.  Coffee brings me tremendous joy. I was disturbed to discover that you order multiple cups of decaf and then refrigerate the surplus to enjoy later. Why do you do this?

The TikTok that started it all…

2.  For over twenty years people have requested that you perform, Superstar, the closing track off our first album Under Feet Like Ours. I’m curious to hear your feelings about people’s reverence for that song, and reflections about what inspired your writing of it. Acoustic version for the kids?

In no way connected to this post, but SUPER WEIRD!

3.     I am intrigued by what my favorite creators find creatively exciting. What music (perhaps your favorite band, Imagine Dragons) inspired your most recent work?

Dan and TT

4.  You live on a remote island. How do you reconcile that version of you with your former, “City Girl,” persona?

2002: When Tegan was still a City Girl, and we both wore watches and FUBU socks

5.  Everyone is Dying to Know, how your allergies are? Favourite air cooker recipe you’d like to share?

Tegan did not answer these questions in written form, so to find out her answers to Sara’s deeply thoughtful and probing questions you will have to listen to the audio posted above. Please email Tegan at ididnotfollowtheinstructions@tegansrules.com if you have complaints or concerns. Thank you for your patience.

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