Jan 20 • 7M

The Evian Generation

My evolution from Coca-Cola to Water.

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While I was on vacation in Mexico this past week, I told the story of when you and I went on vacation with our family to Cocoa Beach, in Florida in 1991 and subsisted on Coca-Cola the entire time.  We were so proud and delighted by the stacks of red Coca-Cola cans crowding the fridge in our shoddy rented beach condo.  I recall making multiple trips to the store that week to refill our supply when it dropped below our comfort level. What I don’t recall is ever drinking water on that trip,  even though it was unbearably hot.  But that wasn’t strange.  Nobody ever really drank water when we were growing up.  Not the way they do now. 

I am relieved to see we actually had some juice boxes. Though, I’m not sure why as I’m sure they were loaded with sugar.


I do have a memory of us playing a game in the bath when we were five or six called “Bar.” Remember?  This seems insane now, but it makes sense.  Gramma and Grampa had a bar in their basement.  We’d spent countless hours spinning on the stools, playing pool, and yanking on the slot machines Grampa built growing up.  But his party trick was having us take drink orders from their friends.  So “Bar,” the game, makes total sense.  It was just one of us pretending to order a drink, and the other, the closest to the tap in the tub, filling a bright plastic cup with water and handing it over.  Monkey see monkey do.

In grade school, we would drink from the water fountain at school.  But how much water were we really consuming? Not nearly enough I imagine.

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