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Wake Up Exhausted


VIP set at Pier 17, NYC. Photo by Savannah Lauren


I’ve really enjoyed the VIP meet and greet’s on this tour. I think the flexibility to perform acoustically has removed the stress I associate with past soundcheck parties. I also love the Q+A portion and the submissions from fans in advance have yielded some fascinating questions.

**For example, “Do you travel with houseplants?” and an interesting question about how best to divide financials and responsibilities when partnering in a business venture with a sibling.

We’ve done a rigorous amount of learning for the show and in an attempt not to repeat songs from the main set, we’ve selected additional songs from our catalog. I find myself drawn to covering your songs, perhaps, because they require a little more thought and aren’t easily recovered from the muscle the way my own songs are.

On Saturday we woke up outside the venue in New York and once inside the dressing room I felt inspired to re learn Wake Up Exhausted. I covered it on Still Jealous, but needed a refresher.

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