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The Piano

Covers from my little sunny studio

Hey Loners,

I bought myself a piano in 2021. Stacy and I had just moved into a new house, and my office, a small, sunny room across the hall from our bedroom, became an inspired place to reacquaint myself with some of my favourite songs.

After Sid was born, I moved my office out of the house, but I left the piano behind. It sits in our living room so that Sid has easy access to a musical instrument should he want to play it one day.

After Sid was born I’d sometimes sleep next to the piano in the studio with Mickey.

I hope you enjoy these short recordings I made from that time. My hair is so long, and watching these again this morning, I couldn’t help but search my face for evidence of the person I was then. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Leave me suggestions for other covers in the comments!


Header Video:

"Don’t Dream It’s Over" by Crowded House reminds me of Dad’s rusted grey Honda Accord and the long drives between Mom’s house and his apartment that we made every Saturday and Sunday morning as kids. The boredom, the daydreaming, and the inevitable drifting off to sleep in the backseat are such mundane memories that it seems as though they happened a million times, or maybe only once.

New Order’s "Bizarre Love Triangle" is a song I wish I’d written. In fact, if there’s a band that makes me sometimes dream of starting a new band, it’s that one. I want to so blatantly rip off New Order that it’s embarrassing. And I won’t care because it will be like living inside the most perfect skin.

Covering "The Con," :)

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