Oct 4, 2022 • 4M


I Can't Grow Up

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In April 2020, I sent you an instrumental called, “Loser, I Can’t Grow Up”. Your response was positive but it didn’t yet feel like a road map for an album. I put it away. On Halloween, Stacy left Vancouver to visit her family in Florida and I ordered a bass.

**Audio is the original demo I sent to Tegan

Hiding out in the basement playing bass and watching cartoons, Nov 2020

For the next 6 weeks I sat in the basement channeling that feeling of playing in a packed club, to a sweaty crowd, on a stage vibrating with low end; I sang my guts out. On Dec 9, 2020, I sent you the revamp, now called, “I Can’t Grow Up.” It became one of the songs that inspired the sound, but also, the spirit of our new album, Crybaby.

Dec 2020, Hanging with Mickey, and considering growing up

It was exciting to go back and listen to the demo. Especially that bass part. :)

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Listen to the finished song HERE