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When do I really cry? David Crosby. What is comedy? What would I take with me in a fire?

Hey all!

This week I tackle the last set of questions I’ve been slowly answering from the New York Times Modern Love column I read before Christmas. I’ve really enjoyed reading all your responses, and I’m glad you enjoyed hearing my answers. I’ve encouraged Sara to answer some when she gets time, but I can’t promise anything!

Before I jump into my answers, a little update. We wrapped up in the studio last week and I feel really good about it. I can’t tell you ANYTHING about the project right now, but what I can tell you is that we reinvented some classic T&S songs, and I just finished listening to the rough mixes and they sound fantastic. Being in the studio reminded me that making music is the best part of my job, and we need to do it more often!

After we wrapped up the reinvention project we spent a week writing new songs and I feel really inspired to release something this year. We were writing with John Congleton - he produced Crybaby with us - and Luke Reynolds - who played on Crybaby - and it was really fun being reunited with them to make music together. I had really been struggling to write on my own the last month. See this post as proof of this. So to have such a positive experience co-writing - something I never enjoy doing - and to come out with five really cool songs felt incredibly inspiring. This is what I text to John after:

I didn’t even want to write. I was like WHY ARE WE GOING TO WRITE SONGS? But Sara insisted, and in the end, I am SO GLAD we did it because I was really stuck musically and hating myself because I really didn’t feel like I had anything left to say. Turns out I do! So I owe you and Luke a lot for reminding me that I can write music and that I enjoy it!

Whatever happens with the songs we wrote, I just feel really empowered and relieved and inspired that I am actually a musician still. Making music SHOULD be fun. And it was.

Anyway, enjoy Set III, hope you are all well!


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30. When did you last cry in front of another person? By yourself?

Sofia and I get our apartment cleaned on Friday afternoons, and so I go see a matinee while that’s occurring.  We only recently started having our apartment cleaned.  I hate being displaced so I have always just done it myself.  But we are so busy lately, and with the dog, the apartment really does need a big epic cleaning once a week.  And I’m having to find somewhere to go for three hours every Friday afternoon.  So, I go to the movies alone.

The week before Christmas I saw Spoiler Alert. I knew that it was a gay Christmas movie and decided to see it without watching the trailer. 

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