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Merry Christmas!

A Walk Down Holiday Lane

Seattle VIP Questions!

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Week In Bed

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Crybaby Tour Wrap Up!

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Wake Up Exhausted

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Everything Changed We Hit The Ceiling.

Suitcase of Milk


Smoking Weed Alone

I've Been Going About This All Wrong

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Happy Birthday From The Grim Reaper

Work, work, work, work!

If I Gave You My Number


Tune Up

Zoom Q's for Tegan!

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Zoom Questions!

Eleven Things About The Faded Like A Feeling Music Video You Might Not Know!

Faded Like A Feeling

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High School

Mike And The Mechanics

Make Change While You Wait For Your Change

How To Craft a Set List and Why!

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Anatomy Of A Song



How to write, record and release an album!

Sara Answers Community Questions!

Do something to heighten drama and create climax.

Tegan asks Sara some questions

Can Someone Learn For Me?

Bingo! You Got Covid!

Sonia is BACK!

TRQ Reads Too, Pride Edition!

Join a cult.

Spoiled Milk

Bad Accountant


4 Q's with TRQ

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TRQ Likes Music too!

Cat Eyes

If Georgia Could Talk

Can't Live Without

forward is where we must always go

On Being Driven

Fucking Up What Matters

What Have You Fucked Up That Mattered?

Drivers Meh


Dear Sonia

Little Shop Of Horrors

The Week of Beauty

I'm Alive Too

TRQ Reads Too! What are you reading?

Two Break Ups, One Tour

Dear, Sonia

The Number You Are Calling Is Not In Service


Room with a (new) view

Barely Legal

Don't Be Old, Playlist Updated!

Alive in Calgary (Part 2)

My Pandemic Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Part Two Tease

Paperback Head

Alive in Calgary (Part 1)

TRQ Skin Routine

Skin Care

No War

Don't Dream It's Over

Thank You For Your Patience

Where Does The Good Go

I Think We're Alone Now Playlist!

Amnesiac at a Wedding

I Bet It Stung

Georgia is a Gold Mine

So Jealous

The Creative Process

Don't Be Old

Still Jealous

Closer to Closer

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